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Disclosures and Change Log


  • Host. This site is hosted on WordPress servers and uses a standard WordPress template indicated at the page footer.  No script has been added to the site by me.
  • Tracking.  This site does not contain any tracking code or cookies beyond what WordPress uses.  No third party networks are hosted on this site for the purposes of tracking you.  The RSS feed link uses feedburner, a Google service, which provides a level of anonymous tracking to the site (and to Google).
  • Surveys.  Occasionally a survey will be offered and reported on.  Surveys are hosted on surveymonkey.com, which does collect IP information.  This information is not used in any way to report on or correlate results and is not stored outside of surveymonkey.  If anyone knows how to prevent the collection of this information, please send email.
  • Sharing networks.  Pages on this site link to third party networks for sharing posts.  These share buttons may link to third party networks and may be able to track your actions if you are logged on.
  • Advertising.  There is no advertising hosted on this site.
  • Author interests.  The author is not compensated for any contributions on this site, receives no free or reduced fee goods or services from any party mentioned on the site. Links to any products (such as books) do not receive commission or affiliate payments. Please see author’s profile LinkedIn for an up to date list of affiliations and disclosures. The author is a direct owner of MSFT and Box, and other technology stocks through index and mutual funds through which there is no investing oversight.
  • Editorial.  The views expressed are entirely those of the author.  This is not a blog about Microsoft in the past, present, or future.  Occasional references to Microsoft reflect the author’s experiences there, but are not material or a disclosure in any way.  The scenarios and situations expressed are specifically not about Microsoft but represent general product development experiences.  As they say in movies, the people and events depicted in this blog are fictitious and any similarity to any real person or event is merely coincidental.  Please do not infer a connection to Microsoft events.  If there is a similarity intended, the author will disclose that.
  • Reposts. Some posts are originally posted on this site and subsequently reposted on other sites. Some posts originate on other sites and are posted here as well. In the course of reposting some minor edits will be done by the author or professionals. The author’s intention is for this blog to serve as an archive of posts, give or take some editing. Please note the advertising, conflict, and privacy policies as they pertain to those host sites.

Site design change log

  • 13-01-03. Added follower widget for email subscriptions as per suggestion.
  • 13-01-04. Changed body font to Arivo.
  • 13-01-06. Added disclosure page.
  • 13-02-24. Some posts will be secondarily posted on linkedin.com on the Today page (http://www.linkedin.com/today/).  Posts will reach a wider audience through this non-commercial repost.
  • 13-03-17.  Added detail above for Surveys hosted in posts and details on LinkedIn.
  • 13-09-05.  Comments no longer supported.
  • 13-10-26.  Updated About page (overdue!)
  • 14-03-15.  Updated information on About page to describe repost policy and any investment affiliations.

Written by Steven Sinofsky

January 3, 2013 at 4:14 pm